Drawstring Pouch V2 - GI JOE

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Drawstring Pouch V2 - GI JOE

These drawstring pouches are in my humble opinion some of the coolest pouches I have ever come across. Many of these fabrics you see are exclusives for Tactical Elements. These are built by Amber Carrillo who is Tom Mayo's daughter. We originally had these built for Pocket Tops that we had sold earlier and many people bugged us to carry some.  

All drawstring pouches are made with assorted cotton fabrics and layers of fusible fleece. Each pouch is handmade and stitched by Amber Carrillo.  

Each drawstring pouch is  handmade so eventhough the fabric is the same the cut might be a little bit different from the case pictured. Size wise I would say these are able to hold 4-5 golf balls. Hope that helps. :)

These are Version 2 which features a flat profile.

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