MALIHINI FLASHLIGHT: Copper Head / Aluminum Body

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MALIHINI FLASHLIGHT: Copper Head / Aluminum Body
Laulima Metal Craft:
Malihini - the Hawaiian word for newcomer. While we are not newcomers to the EDC and flashlight communities our first light represents a shift from avid collector, to makers. We are newcomers among the esteemed group of custom light builders who we have a tremendous respect and gratitude for helping us develop our first light.
Malihini flashlights are periodically produced in limited numbers and not available at all times.
Battery: The Malihini requires a single 18350. The quality and condition of your cell directly impacts the performance of your new light.
Operation: The H17F driver by Dr. Jones is a high performance, feature rich driver. The stock configuration walks up from low, medium, high, turbo with each press of the switch . The driver has battery monitoring and thermal control to step down when your voltage gets below 3.0V or above 60*C. It is user programmable, and for a full description of features and operation go please follow the link.
Q: How bright is your light?
1300 lumens on turbo with a triple 219C configuration. This was measured in January 2018 by Charles Wiggins using a fully charged Aspire 1100mah battery on his integrating sphere.
Q: Who is making what on the light?
A: Mitch and Josh codesigned the light. Mitch started off with the initial drawings and dimensions which we jointly refined through research and prototyping. The body, head and pill are all machined and finished by Josh, in his shop. Mitch is building the light engines, final assembly, test, and shipping.
Q: What liability do you assume with the use of this product?
A: None! WARNING - This custom light is a totally hotrodded, high output flashlight. If you make yourself or someone else blind from it, that’s on you. Do not leave it turned on and unattended, especially on Turbo or Hi - there is serious potential for fire. Do not use crappy batteries - with the high currents this light is capable of pulling there’s serious risk if you’re using unknown or off brand batteries (see Q around what batteries we recommend). Basically, don’t be an idiot. This is a high performance tool made for responsible adults.
Q: Do the 1200mah KeepPower cells fit the Malihini?
A: Craig at was gracious enough to send me 5 of the “oversized” cells. 4 fit with close tolerance, one was snug. The one that is was snug requires the slightest push to get in and a shake to get out. In general if it does not slip all the way in on it own, it’s too large. There’s some variability on these cells, so if you do encounter a KeepPower 1200mah (or other 18350 battery) that feels like there is resistance going in, please don’t force it - run a slightly smaller cell instead.
Copper Head / Aluminum Body
Dr. Jones H17F
Triple Emitter:
Nichia 219C 4K
Single 18350

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