SK Knives: Angled Titanium Drinking Straws - Magnum - h

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SK Knives: Angled Titanium Drinking Straws - Magnum - h
Keeping plastic straws out of the landfills! Made in USA, 100% titanium hand-anodized, eco-friendly, reusable, and super awesome!
All of the work is hand-done, one at a time, in my own shop in Montana. Each straw has a unique and one-of- a-kind anodized pattern. 
10" in length
Caring for your straw: Each straw will come with its own cleaning brush! The perfect size to reach all the way through to insure your straw will stay clear of yesterdays smoothie remains. Just use warm soap & water and your done! Couldn't be easier! (I have ran my prototype straw through the dishwater with no ill effect so far. But just to be safe, I suggest hand-washing. Not that anyone probably would, but never use anything abrasive, as it may scratch the finish!) 

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