Terry Guinn / Jon Kim Youso Tanto Proto

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Terry Guinn / Jon Kim Youso Tanto Proto
The TE Balisong was born from an idea to get a reasonably priced custom Balisong that was designed to be a flipper but still useful as an EDC. I wanted it to have a little flair too, so the blade shape is somewhat unique. Terry was an invaluable design partner as he suggested value added features like radiusing the handles and blade. The end product is what you see in the pictures!. 
Limited run of 10 pieces, serialized. This is the last one available. 

- Made by Terry GUINN!!!
- Sandwich construction
- 7.10 oz in weight (approximately)
- 4.50" long blade in CPM154 blade steel
- 5.60" long titanium handles
- Counter sunk holes in handle for lighter weight and grip
- Handles are 0.1875" thick to start with
- 416 stainless steel spacers
- IKBS bearings
- Traditional tang pins (Zen pins sometimes pinch during flipping)
- Modified Appleseed Tanto blade is tip heavy by design
- Blade spine has been radiused, for comfort
- Handles have been radiused
- Latched, but can be removed
- Clean design with most markings on the inside

AJ, Terry and I really hope you all like it!

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