The Snapper

The Snapper

11th Jan 2018

Exclusive Winkler Knives & Jason Knight Collaboration: The Snapper

When you want something special you go to a professional. In this case we wanted a small knife to bridge the world from the tactical to the every day to the hunter and outdoorsman. So we asked ABS Mastersmith Jason Knight (as seen on TV) to design something special. And he did. The Snapper is a carbon steel knife that is part Skinner, part self defense and part general utility with the Knight requirement of a harpoon-recurve style which also comes with a bottle opener. Here is a light weight knife that can serve as a daily companion on your belt, in your pack or strapped to a soldiers gear or hidden on a cops gunbelt. Try and and we bet you will agree.....this is just a really good all around knife with the looks to match.

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