D3 Protection 16" Gonzales Style 149

D3 Protection 16" Gonzales Style 149
Since 2003 D3, Protection has been a maker of hand made high quality leather goods including saps & blackjacks, and impact weapons. Ranging from key chain saps and coffin flat saps to aluminum batons. Every item is made by David Doerr, in western Canada. Using only the finest leather and hardware available. These leather pieces are made of excellent quality materials and craftsmanship.
"D3 Protections flat saps, Finger saps and blackjacks are all made of the highest quality American made leather tanned by Herman Oak and are built for many years of loyal service. Flat saps consist of a flat spring with a lead ingot casted to it, this is known as the "frame". The frame is then covered with multiple layers of thick leather and sewn through all the layers. D3 Protections blackjacks are all made around  custom made frames casted by me. The frame is then wraped with various types and thicknesses of leather." These are some fantastic paper weights!
Shown here is a 16" D3 Protection "149" made from seven layers of leather in the handle tapered down to 5 layers in the head. Loaded with #9 lead shot and weighted to 4.5lbs Hand stitched and constructed in the same fashion the original 149 was made by the master leather smith Bob Gonzales.
Available in Black, Brown or Woodgrain.