Hidetoshi Nakayama Small Bolt Action Pen Steel

Hidetoshi Nakayama Small Bolt Action Pen Steel
I personally never knew of the name Hidetoshi Nakayama till I came across an image of his Bolt Action pens. First time I saw them I remember thinking this is the coolest pen I have ever seen and I want one. I'm not a pen guy, but I love carrying my large bolt action pen. Definetly a unique mechanism which reminds you of an old school bolt action rifle.  It's approximately 5.12 inches in length, 0.39 inches in width, 1.90 oz in weight, made of stainless steel bars and takes Schmidt ink cartridge. 
100% handmade and signed by Hidetoshi Nakayama.
One of the most iconic writing instruments in the world. If you get a chance please check out Hidetoshi he truly is a master of his craft.

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