Nagao Higonokami Papilio Butterfly Friction Folder Blue Steel Sheepsfoot

Nagao Higonokami Papilio Butterfly Friction Folder Blue Steel Sheepsfoot
The Higonokami history goes all the way to 19th century to Miki City, Japan. Back then, the knives were all hand crafted. Steel was placed in iron mold and forged into required shape. Sheaths were made either from brass or blackened iron. They were richly adorned with portraits, flowers, animals or landscape motives. In 1894 the company introduced all new pocket knife „Higonokami Knife“, which was a massive success even with Japanese court. In 1899 "Higonokami Knife Union" was founded and during its best years, the union had up to 40 companies. Higonokami registered mark was registered in 1910 and became a part of traditional knife making in Japan. 
After decline on knife making scene of Japan in fifties of 20th century, all production returned to original factory, where first Higonokami model was created. Since then, only Nagao Kanekoma Factory continues production. This five generation family enterprise is currently led by Mr. Mitsuo Nagao.
Today, Higonokami knives are made in many versions, which may look similar at the first glance. Different costs however reflect quality of used materials and difficulty of manufacturing process.
  • Model Name: Papilio - Butterfly
  • Overall Length: 8.27"
  • Blade Length: 3.74"
  • Blade Thickness: .11"
  • Blade Steel: Blue Steel*
  • Blade Finish: Satin
  • Blade Style: Sheepsfoot
  • Blade Spine: Shaped Like a Butterfly
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel and Brass
  • Handle Color: Silver and Antique Gold
  • Weight: 3.35 oz
  • Features: Lanyard hole
  • Country of Origin: Japan

    *About "HITACHI YASUKI AOGAMI/ Blue Steel" 
    AOGAMI is registered trademark of HITACHI Metals, ltd. AOGAMI is combined with tungsten and chromic element, and it is high enough in the sharpness by the quenching, and the sharpness and the durability is improved. This is high quality material.