Exclusive: Norse Artefakt Krummi Tanto

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 Exclusive: Norse Artefakt  Krummi Tanto
A little bit about the maker:
Hi, I am Muros Le Rouzic Nicolas alias Norse Artefact, 30 years old. Initially I have study jewellery and after I have study dental technology; I was a dental technician for 7 years until one day I decided to take the plunge and devote myself entirely to my lifelong passion: knife making and metal working, after having learned knife making for 2 years in Thiers, capital of the French cutlery, I settled in Brittany, France. I am also member of the Belgian knife society BKS.
Please take into account these truly are handmade in every respect and will be different. Possibly some of the first work ever to come to North America. We asked Nicolas to use his pictures as well, because this has been the hardest knife to photograph we have ever had. He told us there is a tiny spot in his yard where he gets the best light and that's where he took these photographs. Due to the handmade nature of these knives each knife has subtle differences. 
Krummi Tanto - T.E. Exclusive
Overall Length:
Blade Length:
Mirror/Two Tone
Copper Hand Textured

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