RMJ Tactical Forged Copper Bracelet

RMJ Tactical Forged Copper Bracelet
RMJ Tactical is the creation of Ryan M Johnson, a blacksmith who has been continually refining his trade, refreshing his passion and bringing the best-forged tomahawks on the market. He has over 24 years of experience, not just in forging, but also in the history and practical application of the tomahawk in both a civilian and military aspect. Every design that leaves the shop has been meticulously thought out and planned to provide their customers with the best option their money can buy. One great aspect about the shop is that is a family environment with some of the coolest people around. We love carrying makers such as RMJ because you are not only getting a product from them, but you are also receiving an outstanding customer service guarantee. Whether you are purchasing one of their tools for fun, outdoor use or truly tactical applications, you can rest easy knowing you have bought one of the best pieces of kit on the market and will not fail you when you need it most. Modern day blacksmiths such as Ryan continue to shape steel at their will and push the boundaries of what steel can offer in the end result.

These Forged Copper Bracelets are made in RMJ Custom Shop. There are no two bracelets exactly alike.

  • Checkered Triangles.
  • Double Dragon.
  • Angry Steve.
  • Psalm 144.1 Hands of War.
  • Molon Labe.
  • Valhalla.
  • Catacombs of Skulls.
  • Triple Valhalla.
  • Valhalla with Triskelion.
  • Triskelion.
  • Double Dragon with Triskelion.
  • Aztec
You will love the heft of these. Amazing pieces from a great craftsman.