Steel Flame/Emerson Knives XL Darkness Knife Clip

Steel Flame/Emerson Knives XL Darkness Knife Clip
Steel Flame is a company that truly stands out in their own respective fields. It is difficult to truly give an accurate explanation of what makes Steel Flame have such a massive following, but it certainly is due in part to their generosity, humility, attention to detail, creativity and integrity. To give you a background on the man behind the company, here is the "About the Designer" blurb from their website,
Derrick Obatake born and raised in East Los Angeles has been designing and making jewellery for over 35 years. At an early age he was taught to be a machinist by his father. He is a Graduate Gemologist from GIA and has had formal training in traditional jewelry arts: Diamond setting, model making, casting, finishing and fabrication. He has extended experience in Die striking, and 3D CAD design.
“I like to blend old school craftsmanship with new age technology to create an out of the box style that is hopefully refreshing and empowering.” - Derrick Obatake.
When you purchase a piece from Steel Flame, it feels like you have purchased a piece of living and functional art that the maker has poured his love, sweat and creativity into. All pieces come from their shop in Torrence, CA and many makers have sought them out for collaborations as well. Whether an original piece or a collaboration, you certainly won't be disappointed.
Steel Flame/Emerson Knives XL Darkness Clip available in Sterling Silver & Royal Bronze*
*Royal Bronze™ is a specially formulated alloy that we (Steel Flame) use. This combined with our Vintage Gunmetal™ finish makes for a very unique piece with character and depth.