Takao Fukuta Vintage Tanken Fixed Blade Knife Blade Blade w/ OD Green Handle and Sheath

Takao Fukuta Vintage Tanken Fixed Blade Knife Blade Blade w/ OD Green Handle and Sheath
Takao FUKUTA (Tak). Many here may not have heard his name, but if you grew up in the 80s, and have visited gun shows or knife shows you have seen this man's work. Very few accomplished what he was able to in his lifetime. Tak passed away approximately a decade ago, but he created cutlery for 80s brands such as Valor, Fury, AG Russell, Parker Brothers, Marble, American Blade, Junglee, Rigid and under the name Tak Fukuta / Tak Blades. Tak's widow and son are continuing the legacy to this day. Many of the knives from the era were handmade by a group of knifemakers, and they truly are handmade. It was the golden age of knifemaking in Japan, and most of these ended up in the USA. 
Tak's passion for knives rapidly developed after he visited the USA, and in 1978 he was recognized by Bob Loveless, who was also known as the “god of knives” in the United States, with whom he began an apprenticeship. What Michael Jordan is to Basketball that is what Bob Loveless is to knives. That same year, Tak was the first Japanese person to be accepted into the American Knife Guild for his high-quality work the “Loveless folding knife.” Since Mr. Loveless appreciated Takao FUKUTA, he shared with him all of his skills in making hand-crafted knives. We were able to purchase some knives and Shurikens that had been in the same workshop sitting there undisturbed since the 1980s.

  • Model Name: Tanken
  • Overall Length: 11.625"
  • Blade Length: 6.5625" 
  • Blade Thickness: 0.15" 
  • Blade Steel: Carbon Steel
  • Blade Style: Bowie
  • Blade Finish: Black 
  • Handle Color: OD Green
  • Sheath: OD Green Nylon
  • Features: Saw edge on the spine of the blade
  • Country of Origin: Japan

    Remark: New. Does not include box.