Tuff Writer Retro Click Pen Aluminum Pen

Tuff Writer Retro Click Pen Aluminum Pen
"Because the best made $h!t never goes out of style."

There are a lot of other companies out there right now which make pens, flashlights and carabiners as accessories. Nice little anodized trinkets to complement their product line or extend their market reach in addition to their core competency.
At Tuff Writer, we specialize in taking great design ideas and making them into amazing products. In fact, we firmly believe that we make the best American made, CNC precision machined, tactical pens on the market. Why? Because innovative design and precision machined excellence is our core competency. From concept to design through rapid prototyping, production and all the way to assembly, we understand precision manufacturing (just ask any of the people we've collaborated with).
Here at Tuff Writer we understand that people often depend on their tools for their lives. That's precisely why we make the world's toughest pens and accessories. Before you buy a Tuff Writer we spend literally months testing it, carrying it and generally abusing it.
Just to prove it, our products are backed by a life-time warranty against manufacturing defects*.
That's why through freezing cold, intense heat and the harshest conditions you're likely to find yourself in, our products will prevail so that you can prevail. We think our pens are cooler than sharks with lasers.

The Retro Click features classic, subdued styling that will catch eyes but not raise eyebrows, perfect for an 'under the radar' carry option. Don't let the "less aggressive" styling fool you, though; the Retro Click is just as capable as our other pens. Quite possibly the perfect take anywhere, write everywhere and always work "clicky" pen. Light-weight aluminum body with mil-spec anodized finish. The stainless steel tip protects the tip from drops, and doubles as a window breaker and durable impact interface. Simple, functional and elegant all at the same time. The Retro Click accepts all "Parker-style" ink refills, and features an adjustable spacer that lets you dial in how much of the ink cartridge tip extends out of the pen tip (and lets you overcome some ink maker's lack of manufacturing tolerances). The Retro Click is 'sterile', meaning there are no identifying marks, no logos and no engravings on this pen. Just sleek styling and robust construction. Best of all, conceived, designed and proudly made in the USA.

  • Model Name: Retro Click Pen 
  • Length: 5.5 inches
  • Thickness: 0.45 inches
  • Body Material: 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum
  • Tip Material: 416 stainless steel
  • Clip: Cold Pressed Spring Steel
  • Finish: Mil-A-8625 “F” Anodized Black or Sniper Gray
  • Fittings: Blackout steel button head cap bolts
  • Mechanism: Machined 416SS pen advancing mechanism
  • Cartridge: Parker-style
  • Country of Origin: USA
What makes this 416SS mechanism so special?
Mostly the material choice and time consuming manufacturing process refinements. Virtually all high-end pen mechanisms are made from brass and plated (easier and cheaper to manufacture but not as durable as ours), we decided to go nuts and machine it out of 416 stainless steel (a much harder and more durable material). This meant we had to have it Swiss-CNC'ed which, while more costly, means we can hold much tighter tolerances (less than .0005" all day long on the Citizen L-20). The G-Code programming done by our friend's shop re-traces the race toolpaths to debur all edges, taking more time but it also means that the chrome steel bearing glides smoothly and the mechanism cycles like butter. It's much more expensive and time consuming to make it this way but it really is pretty awesome. Plus, the 416SS and chrome steel will wear better and last much longer than plated brass. It's complete overkill for a pen mechanism but hey... if you're going to make one, might as well go all out, right?

Isn't all of that a lot of work?
Yeah, it really is, but we make the best pens we can possibly make, something special that you'll be proud to own and carry with you for years to come. That's why we back them with a lifetime guarantee, because we make them to last a lifetime.

What refills do the pens take?
Any Parker compatible refill, including:

  • Parker GEL or QuinkFlow
  • Franklin-Christoph Ultra-Glide
  • Schmidt Easyflow 9000
  • Schmidt Pressurized
  • Schmidt Private Reserve P900
  • Fisher (Space Pen)
  • Foray Rollerball
  • Montevered Soft Roll
  • Penatia
  • Visconti

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