ULTICLIP Pinion Expansion Pack

ULTICLIP Pinion Expansion Pack
Based on more than a decade of concealed carry experience, ULTICLIP sought to address certain issues concerned with carrying a firearm..
ULTICLIP was designed out of necessity. There were no viable options on the market that provided ease of carry, concealment, unprecedented holster retention, and versatility in one product. Ulticlip has met that need!
We desire to offer a quality product that enhances an individual’s ability to carry their firearm securely and discreetly. Our clips our proudly made in the USA.
Exceeding our desire to make a quality product, is our vision to make a difference in this world. ULTICLIP is a Christian run business. We believe that real change starts in the heart of man. For that reason ULTICLIP gives a portion of the profit from each clip sold to faith-based charities.
Expand the UltiLink system with this add-on kit..
Includes:  2 Pinions with mounting hardware for belts, molle, knife sheaths, holsters, and other applications.
The pinion works in conjunction with the lock unit allowing you to quickly remove, relocate, and reattach your gear.
Will the Pinion Expansion Pack work for your application? Download the mounting template to check hole spacing and size.

  • Bag #1 – Pinions, Steel Washers, 3/8″ Screws, 1/4″ Posts
  • Bag #2 – Steel Pinion Clips
  • Bag #3 – Rubber Washers, 1/4″ Posts, 3/8″ Screws
  • Bag #4 –  1/2″ Screw, 1/2″ Post, Steel Washer
  • Bag #5 – Slotted Steel Mounting Plates
  • Country of Origin: USA



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