Cold Steel Caledonian Edge Liner Lock Knife Mirror Polished San Mai Blade w/ Polished Titanium Bolsters and Linen Micarta Handles - 60CE

Cold Steel Caledonian Edge Liner Lock Knife Mirror Polished San Mai Blade w/ Polished Titanium Bolsters and Linen Micarta Handles - 60CE
For almost a decade, Cold Steel® offered a small, wicked looking, boot knife called the Culloden®. It was based on the traditional Scottish "Black Knife" or "Skean Dhu", as it was more commonly referred to, in Gaelic, the ancient language of Scotland.

For the dawning years of this century, however, we have created an entirely new tactical folder, that takes some of its design cues from the ancient Skean Dhu.

The Caledonian Edge™ features a number of modern variations and refinements on its older predecessor. The blade is made from virtually unbreakable San Mai III® blade construction and like the original Skean Dhu, features a thin, acutely pointed tip that's as sharp as the proverbial needle. It glides effortlessly through even the most puncture resistant materials. Additionally, its precisely and carefully hollow ground.

The traditional jimping seen on the Skean Dhu of old has been retained and provides an aggressive, non-slip platform for one's thumb and forefinger, allowing for better control when using the blade to cut or pierce.

The Caledonian Edge's™ handle sports a palm-hugging profile and a relatively thin cross section that augments its covert qualities. It's flat enough to resist rolling or twisting in one's palm yet comfortable enough to accommodate a wide range of gripping styles. A perfect blend of strength and beauty, it features a superstructure of attractive, highly polished, black Micarta scales and custom Titanium bolsters that are bolted, utilizing the latest in high-tech fasteners, to a strong, yet lightweight Titanium liner substructure.

The Caledonian Edge's™ leaf spring locking mechanism will protect your fingers from its sharp edge. It's made from Titanium and is hand fitted to the closest tolerances possible. It has proved incredibly tough and reliable even when exposed to our most brutal tests.

For discreet carry and immediate access, the Caledonian Edge™ comes with a brightly polished stainless steel pocket clip and thumb stud on the blade. This arrangement allows a wide variety of carry options as well as lightning quick one handed opening.
  • Model: Caledonian Edge - 60CE
  • Overall Length: 9.3125"
  • Blade Length: 4.25"
  • Blade Steel: San Mai III®
  • Blade Style: Talon Point
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Blade Finish: Mirror polished 
  • Bolsters Material: Titanium
  • Bolsters Finish: Polished
  • Handle Material: Linen Micarta 
  • Color: Black
  • Liners Material: Titanium
  • Pocket Clip: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Country of Origin: Japan

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