Helm Grind Woodsman (Hammer Poll) Black TeroTuf Scales w/ Boltaron Shoulder Carry System

Helm Grind Woodsman (Hammer Poll) Black TeroTuf Scales w/ Boltaron Shoulder Carry System
James Helm is History Channel's 2017 Forged in Fire (Episode 3) Champion for the Katzbalger  (Renaissance Arming Sword notable for its sturdy build and a distinctive s-shaped or figure-8 shaped guard).
Aside from utilitarian tasks, the Woodsman's hammer poll makes a great impact weapon, and the slight hook on the bottom of the poll helps during CQC in catching and re-directing limbs.
The butt of the tang is exposed, giving an extra hammering surface and protecting the end of the TeroTuf from damage in impact (say if you throw it, which I strongly advise against).  The handle widens as it approaches the end and has a swell in width to aid in retention in the hand while swinging.  Throwing tomahawks have handles that are the opposite, tapering to the end in order to easily slip out of the hand when thrown.  I consider it more important to keep the tomahawk in your hand during usage, especially if it must be employed in the heat of close quarters combat, than to be able to throw it.
  • Model: Woodsman (hammer poll)
  • Overall Length: 12” or 15"
  • Cutting Edge: 2.8125" in a straight line from point to point
  • Hammer Head: 6.1875"
  • Steel: 80CrV2 0.25" thick
  • Color: Cerakote Ceramic Gun Coating - Black
  • Handles: The handle slabs are 0.25" thick Black TeroTuf w/ texture, a composite material made of resin-impregnated layers of cloth. It's very durable, lightweight, grippy, and impervious to most chemicals. The slabs are attached with flared stainless steel tube rivets, which are extremely strong and allow attachment points for lanyards, cord wraps, etc. The maker no longer use Micarta as he find the TeroTuf lighter, grippier, and tougher.
  • Features: The sheaths are bottom-eject, ambidextrous, with multiple carry options. They are molded from Boltaron, a material similar to Kydex but less vulnerable to temperature extremes. It is common with professional pistol holster makers. Sheaths come standard with a single retention strap.
  • Weight: 28 oz (12")
  • Country of Origin: USA