Michael Janich XL KnuckSLAP™ (1-piece)

Michael Janich XL KnuckSLAP™ (1-piece)
The XL KnuckSLAP™ is a unique personal-defense weapon that combines the best elements of traditional metal knuckles and the classic palm sap—a lesser-known weapon that consists of a weighted pouch held in the palm by a leather strap that fits around the hand. It can be used to punch, slap, pinch, and crush, and is far more versatile than ordinary metal knuckles.
The body of the XL KnuckSLAP™ is precision machined from 6061-T6 aircraft-quality aluminum or brass 1/2 inch in thickness, 3.95 ounces (Aluminum) 12.20 ounces (Brass) and features two finger holes designed to fit the middle and ring fingers of average-sized hands. This aligns the XL KnuckSLAP™ with the centerline of the forearm for maximum energy transfer when the textured non-slip face is used to punch. The palm lobe of the XL KnuckSLAP™ serves as the “stand-off” for the knucks—transferring the impact shock of punching comfortably into the fleshy part of your palm. It is also the secret of the XL KnuckSLAP™'s expanded functionality. When the hand is held open, the lobe can be used to slap with devastating effect—just like a palm sap—and to catch and parry an attacker’s strikes, destroying his hands. It also transforms simple grabs into vise-like pincers that generate excruciating pain.
The XL KnuckSLAP™ concept was conceived by noted personal-defense authority and Black Belt magazine Hall of Fame member Michael Janich. After roughing out the design in a wooden model, he turned it over to 5x5 Combat Solutions, who used their state-of-the-art CAD skills to translate it into a sophisticated, modular, one-piece design.
The inaugural production of the XL KnuckSlap™ is a limited-edition run of 50 pieces (Aluminum) 50 Pieces (Brass) and is available exclusively through Tactical Elements.

Every piece proudly bears the triangle logo of Michael Janich’s acclaimed Martial Blade Concepts system.
Discover the next generation in knuck design with the XL KnuckSLAP™!

  • Model name: XL KnuckSLAP™ (1-piece)
  • Overall Length: 2.690”
  • Width: 2.414” at the widest point
  • Thickness: 0.50”
  • Finger Holes: Oval 0.994 “ x 1.111” at the widest point
  • Thickness with Palm Lobe: 0.985”
  • Material: Aluminum and Brass
  • Weight: 3.95 ounces for Aluminum and 12.20 ounces for Brass
  • Country of Origin: USA

    Includes: 1 x XL KnuckSLAP tucked in a burlap bag

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