PBJ Handmade Knives Stylus

PBJ Handmade Knives Stylus

The Stylus is an illusion. It is designed to be carried into places where one is not permitted to carry a handgun or knife. They go relatively unnoticed because they look like an ink pen and they're carried in full view (I ALWAYS carry one clipped to my shirt collar). People see it and assume that it is nothing more than a pen. 

Each Stylus is 6 inches long. The 3/16" Titanium core runs 95% of the length of the Stylus. The core is covered with stacked pieces of micarta, G-10, or a combination of the two. Each Stylus comes with a Space Pen style pocket clip.
Every Stylus made thus far has been hand turned by me on the grinder. That's right, I do not turn these on a lathe. Yes, they are round but not perfectly round. They're as close to it as my eye/hand coordination allows. Is the stalker who attacked your daughter going to care if it's not perfectly round when his eyeball is resting on the Stylus, ala kebab style? FYI, that actually happened several years ago. Huge win for a young lady, small win for me, and a very bad loss for the bad guy.


  • Model name: Stylus
  • Overall Length: 6"
  • Core Material: Titanium
  • Country of Origin: USA

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