Raidops TS Tech Pen HB Titanium Dark Brown Finish

Raidops TS Tech Pen HB Titanium Dark Brown Finish

The TS.Tech pen model is a tactical pen that has already been highly evaluated by users in terms of design and function in terms of self-defense and survival. Of the total 8 parts, except for the pocket clip and the spring refill ink cartridge, the remaining 5 parts are all made of Grade 5 titanium alloy. As a pen imported from China with high-precision CNC machining, Raidops has customized the surface and precision of each part through additional processing.

The advantages of this model are:

1. Light weight: 46g, which is 70% of the weight of other tactical pens. For portable EDCs, weight is very important.
2. Thick enough outer wall thickness: The cylinder thickness of the body is 1.8mm, which is strong enough to withstand all impacts and pressures expected during use.
3. Tungsten tip application: The tip of the pen is equipped with an obtuse tungsten tip. The obtuse angle has the effect of minimizing pain even when gripping the thumb in defense situations.
4. Center of gravity: Due to the nature of the tactical pen, the weight of which may be biased toward the top of the two ends, it may be inconvenient to use as a pen. Since it is light in weight, there is little inconvenience for taking notes.
5. Impact resistance: Normally, pens have a threaded joint in the middle of the pen body, so when hitting with a very strong impact or receiving pressure, the shock wave is concentrated in the middle of the product and can be damaged in severe cases. The body of this product is a single cylinder and there is no seam in the middle, so it is very resistant to impact.
6. Bolt action method: A very reliable and useful function, which can be called the basic operating principle of the tactical pen, is adopted.
7. Fewer number of parts: A simple structure and a small number of parts are directly related to hardness and strength, making the life of the product longer.
8. Universal Ink Cartridge: It has good versatility by applying standard (Parker, etc.) ink cartridges that can be purchased in the market.
9. Raidops additional processing: After removing stains or processing marks by surface sanding, it is a process of infinitely striking the surface with a stainless ball to smooth the surface and reduce hardness and scratch

  • Model: TS Tech Pen PCM
  • Material: Titanium alloy (TC4) / Stainless steel (pocket clip) / Others (pen nib, spring)
  • Length: 5.43” (Excluding the pen nib)
  • Width: 0.433” (Excluding the pocket clip)
  • Finish: Dark Brown
  • Ink Cartridge: Universal, standard (Parker, etc.)
  • Weight: 1.622 oz
  • Country of Origin: S. Korea