Tactile Turn 8-Bit Titanium Pen 2-Tone Cerakote Finish - Limited Release Spring 2023

Tactile Turn 8-Bit Titanium Pen 2-Tone Cerakote Finish - Limited Release Spring 2023
Game on.

It's time to power up the ol' CRT TV, dig your favorite gaming system out of the attic, and blow some dust out of the cartridges. Built once again on both the Side Click and Slim Side Click models our latest Seasonal Release, the 8-Bit, is inspired by early video game consoles with a black and gray matte Cerakote finish, a bright orange clip with a deep-engraved pattern, and a red "reset" button for when you're done jotting down notes or run out of extra lives.

Available until June 27, 2023


  • Built on Side Click and Slim Side Click pens
  • Base material: Titanium
  • Two-tone Cerakote body finish
  • Orange and red accent colors
  • Retro gaming inspired colors
  • Deep engraved "ray gun" design on the clip
  • Available in Standard (5.8"), Short (5.3"), and Mini (4.6")
  • Extra Life token included with each pen

  • Material: Titanium
  • Side Click:
    Diameter: 0.43"
    Standard: 5.8" length, 1.2oz
    Short: 5.3" length, 1.1oz
    Mini: 4.6" length, 0.9oz
  • Slim Side Click:
    Diameter: 0.365"
    Standard: 5.8" length, 0.83oz
    Short: 5.3" length, 0.82oz
    Mini: 4.6" length, 0.67oz
  • Country of Origin: USA
Ink Refill:

The Standard [5.8"] comes with a Pilot G2 0.7 mm refill, the Short [5.3"]comes with a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 medium refill, and the Mini [4.6"] comes with a Pilot G2 Mini 0.7mm refillMany of our customers like to use their own personal favorites, however, and so we put together a List of compatible refills that work with our Side Click pens.

About Seasonal Releases

If you're tuned into our Limited Release drops of exotic treatments and materials, you probably noticed that they tend to sell out pretty fast. Seasonal Releases are going to be much easier to get your hands on because, instead of a set number of pens, they're available for a set period of time. No fast fingers required or having to dip out of that work meeting to try and snag one from your phone in the bathroom. And don't worry, we'll still be doing the traditional Limited drops when we have the material. Seasonal Releases are an addition to our product offerings, not a replacement.