Tactile Turn Titanium Pen Deep Space Cerakote Finish - Limited Release Winter 2023

Tactile Turn Titanium Pen Deep Space Cerakote Finish - Limited Release Winter 2023
Ground Control to Major Tom...

Whether you're stargazing on a crisp, cloudless night or browsing the latest photos beamed back from the James Webb telescope, the vast expanse of space is fascinating. Reminiscent of the starry nebulas in distant galaxies, our Cerakote team came up with an entirely new way to apply the coating. Each pen is unique(albeit similar) – the dark blue-purple body features a smattering of stars and bursts of color while the top layer gives the pen an iridescent shine. Deep Space is finished with an engraving of a satellite on the matte black clip and, for those keeping score, this is the first time we're offering both the regular Side Click and Slim Side Click widths in a Seasonal Release. To infinity and beyond!

Available until March 27, 2023

"Out of this World" Cerakote Finishing

This is our most complicated and unique Cerakote application yet and the results are stunning. Cerakote is a thin coating of ceramic that’s applied to the surface of our titanium pen. It’s abrasion, chemical, temperature and scratch-resistant but not proof. Hard wear will still show on Cerakote but we love that it gives us the ability to put colors on our pens without adding any serious weight or thickness.


  • Built on Side Click and Slim Side Click pens
  • Base material: Titanium
  • Custom "Deep Space" Cerakote finish
  • Matte black Cerakote hardware
  • Satellite engraving on the clip
  • Available in Standard (5.8"), Short (5.3"), and Mini (4.6")
  • Commemorative card included with each pen

  • Material: Titanium
  • Side Click:
    Diameter: 0.43"
    Standard: 5.8" length, 1.2oz
    Short: 5.3" length, 1.1oz
    Mini: 4.6" length, 0.9oz
  • Slim Side Click:
    Diameter: 0.365"
    Standard: 5.8" length, 0.83oz
    Short: 5.3" length, 0.82oz
    Mini: 4.6" length, 0.67oz
  • Country of Origin: USA
Ink Refill:

The Standard [5.8"] comes with a Pilot G2 0.7 mm refill, the Short [5.3"]comes with a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 medium refill, and the Mini [4.6"] comes with a Pilot G2 Mini 0.7mm refillMany of our customers like to use their own personal favorites, however, and so we put together a List of compatible refills that work with our Side Click pens.

About Seasonal Releases

If you're tuned into our Limited Release drops of exotic treatments and materials, you probably noticed that they tend to sell out pretty fast. Seasonal Releases are going to be much easier to get your hands on because, instead of a set number of pens, they're available for a set period of time. No fast fingers required or having to dip out of that work meeting to try and snag one from your phone in the bathroom. And don't worry, we'll still be doing the traditional Limited drops when we have the material. Seasonal Releases are an addition to our product offerings, not a replacement.