RMJ Tactical Kestrel/Talon/Shrike Wilderness Sling Carry Rig

RMJ Tactical Kestrel/Talon/Shrike Wilderness Sling Carry Rig
This is just for the Scabbard.
Does not include the Tomahawk.
If you are looking for an old-school-cool way to carry your Shrike, S13, Kestrel, Kestrel Feather, or Eagle Talon, the Wilderness Carry Rig is set up for you.  Made entirely of leather, the rich look and feel gives you a sense of adventure as soon as you throw it over your shoulder.   It features a full length adjustable shoulder strap, including a pad and 360 degree swivels to make sure it doesn't get twisted up.  It a top eject set up, with straps to secure the tomahawk while out and about.  We include an Altoid tin size pouch for carrying along small accessories.  

Please note that the color does vary with these, some will appear lighter than pictured. 
Fits the following models: Shrike, S13, Kestrel, Kestrel Feather, Eagle Talon
Available in black or brown.

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