RMJ Tactical Wilderness Carry Baldric - Large Steel Ring

RMJ Tactical Wilderness Carry Baldric - Large Steel Ring
This is just for the Leather Loop.
Does not include the Tomahawk or Edge Cover
What better way to easily carry around your tomahawk or ax with fast access than with a traditional baldric ring, done RMJ style?! Simply drop your tomahawk handle first through the ring, and you have a nice and secure (but easy to grab) tool. Even though the traditional ways can be great, we still bring some 21st century to this system. The system is built on a leather panel that features dual snap loop straps that can be used to mount the ring to belts up to 2 inches wide, as well as mount the panel directly onto PALS webbing with the built in MOLLE straps. You can even remove the ring completely to bolt onto other gear. The ring itself has in inside diameter of 2 inches, so will accommodate a wide variety of handle profiles. The saddle stitched construction means that it is super durable and will still hold together even if the binding is damaged. 

Pictured, you can see that you can use your stock kydex sheath or one of our leather edge covers.  

Note: The Wilderness Carry Baldrics are intended to be used with the Chattanooga Leatherworks edge covers or stock kydex sheaths for RMJ 'hawks. DO NOT use this system without some sort of head/edge cover, or you WILL get hurt!
Available in black and  brown.